The Popularity Of Cricket Online Betting In India

Man Playing Cricket

Much like the rise of online casinos in India, cricket online betting has soared in the last few years. Find out about the interesting history of cricket betting in India, read our top online cricket betting tips, discover live cricket betting, and much more in our article.

Has it Always Been Popular to Bet on Cricket in India?

The first examples of cricket in India date back to the 17th century. Although cricket isn’t the national sport game, it is still enjoyed by the majority to watch, play, and bet on cricket. Variations of classic cricket tournaments paved the way for many domestic competitions such as the Ranji Trophy, the Duleep Trophy, the Vijay Harare Trophy, and the Deodhar Tropy. A spin off Twenty20 tournament created the Indian Premier League which is now one of the biggest sports leagues in the world.

Since the arrival of the Public Gaming Act in 1867 and the newer Information Technology Act of 2000, the laws around gambling in person have been clear – anyone running or overseeing an establishment that facilitates gambling is breaking the law. While the law regulating cyber activity is more unclear, allowing the residents of India to bet online legally.

How is Online Cricket Betting Legal?

So, how is it actually possible to have a grey area in the law surrounding cricket online betting? Well, since the Technology Act of 2000 doesn’t specifically mention online gambling and cricket online betting, many people manage to circumvent this by visiting a betting site overseas, making gambling in India perfectly legal.

However, despite these federal laws, many states are beginning to prohibit online gambling within their jurisdiction. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka have all moved, or are moving, to ban online gambling. Tamil Nadu has recently been in the spotlight with their government looking to outlaw online games, however the Madras court struck down a ban on online gambling citing that online games of skill should still be allowed.

Do I Have to Know Everything to Take Part in Cricket Online Betting?

Absolutely not! It’s simply not true that you must have a deep knowledge of cricket before placing a bet online. Whether you are a die-hard fan or someone who just likes to casually watch, anyone can place a bet online in India. With some cricket betting tips and an eagerness to learn the common betting strategies you can make; cricket online betting has the potential to increase the excitement of just watching a match.

Remember, everyone started somewhere with cricket online betting. It’s also a fact that no-one will win every single cricket bet they have made (unless they are very very lucky!), so every cricket bet you make should just be about having fun, enjoying the match, and potentially winning a few rupees for a correct cricket online betting prediction.

In the next sections we will cover everything you need to know about cricket betting, from in-play bets, to cricket betting apps, and finally some top online cricket betting tips.

What is Live Cricket Betting?

Not only has technology increased the popularity of cricket online betting, but every cricket bookie also nowadays seems to offer the possibility of live cricket betting. You might be wondering what exactly this is – we’re here to answer that!

Using real-time data from live cricket matches, live cricket betting is entirely possible. This means cricket betting doesn’t have to be completed before a match starts. During a match until the final whistle, it’s possible to bet online making sure you can respond to every twist and turn of a match.

Cricket live betting gives you the chance to get that little bit closer to the action, so if you are interested in taking your cricket excitement up a notch, this might be something you want to try.

All the Information at your Fingertips with Cricket Betting Apps

The betting sites in India are always trying to improve the customer experience and understand many people want to access a betting site on-the-go. Therefore the creation of cricket betting apps is incredibly popular for cricket live betting. By optimising a cricket bookie website into an app means you can access everything you need wherever you are. You will be able to find on the cricket betting apps all the up to date information about past, current, and future matches, as well as of course be able to bet on cricket easily.

What are the Best Cricket Betting Tips?

You have probably heard time and time again about factors such as the weather and pitch playing a huge part before placing your cricket bet. However, we will skip these two in favour of some practical betting site tips to really give you the answer on how to bet on cricket.

  • Cricket Odds: Comparing all the cricket bookies online will show you that some might not even offer IPL betting online. This is why it’s incredibly important to find a cricket online betting site that offer what you are looking for. Other questions that are important here are what type of odds do they have? Can you get cash back for a cricket bet you have lost? Do they have nice bonuses and promotions? If you’re not sure where to begin looking, read the next tip!
  • Online Bookie Reputation: You should only place a cricket bet at a betting site with a good reputation. This way, you’ll know it’s a fair and safe site. Check out reputable cricket online betting review sites where you can compare the features of all the best betting sites in India. Look out for different bonuses, cricket odds, customer services, customer reviews, and see if they have free cricket betting for all of the top betting sites.
  • Payment Options: There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you have found the perfect cricket betting site when suddenly you can’t make a deposit with your preferred payment method. Don’t get caught out! Check to see what deposit and withdrawal methods they offer and keep an eye out if they allow you to pay in rupees!